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Asian makeup and hair
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Asian makeup

At Makeup Locker I also provide professional hair and makeup services for the Asian communities across South Wales and the West Midlands. Having been trained one to one by the wonderful Raji Lall from London, a renowned makeup artist specialising in Asian makeup, I believe I can really help you look exquisite on your special day or occasion. To find out more about the range of Asian makeup offers I have visit my store or contact me directly for more information.


experienced in Asian makeup&HAIR

Asian Makeup and Hair

Studio Hair & Makeup including lashes      £200

Bridal Hair & Makeup Trial                                £250

Bridesmaid Hair & Makeup Trial                    £200

Bride Pre Wedding Hair & Makeup               £250

Bridesmaid Pre Wedding Hair & Makeup  £200

Bride on the day hair and Makeup                £350

(includes Jewellery fitting)

Bridesmaid on the day hair and makeup  £200

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