Calgel nails in gold silver and pink

gel naiLS at makeup locker IN BLACKWOOD


The Original Pro Stylegel. A true one phase gel nail system that can last 4-6 weeks. With a formula that has remained unchanged since it's original introduction, Calgel is designed to maintain the condition of the natural nail. It is a unique system which does not require any primers, base gels, or sealers and it's available in 130 colours!

Gel Nails are a specific type of artificial nails, but have a more natural look especially when compared to acrylic nails. Calgel allows and encourages nail growth whilst providing beautiful, long lasting and glossy nails.
Calgel allows air and moisture to pass through the layers of the gel so nails do not become dehydrated, flaky or brittle over time. For this reason, no "break" is needed between treatments and one can in-fill up to three times before requiring a soak off. After fully and safely soaking off, fresh layers of Calgel can be applied without worrying about ruining the natural nail.

Calgel nails in silver gold and pink

CALGEL Gel Nails


2 week gel nails                               

4-6 week gels                                   

CALGEL Extensions                    

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2 Week Gel Pedicure